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Used by op_t::flags. More...


#define OF_NO_BASE_DISP   0x80
 base displacement doesn't exist. More...
#define OF_OUTER_DISP   0x40
 outer displacement exists. More...
#define PACK_FORM_DEF   0x20
 packed factor defined. More...
#define OF_NUMBER   0x10
 the operand can be converted to a number only
#define OF_SHOW   0x08
 should the operand be displayed?

Detailed Description

Used by op_t::flags.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define OF_NO_BASE_DISP   0x80

base displacement doesn't exist.

meaningful only for o_displ type. if set, base displacement (op_t::addr) doesn't exist.


#define OF_OUTER_DISP   0x40

outer displacement exists.

meaningful only for o_displ type. if set, outer displacement (op_t::value) exists.


#define PACK_FORM_DEF   0x20

packed factor defined.

(!o_reg + dt_packreal)