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Type printing flags


#define PRTYPE_1LINE   0x0000
 print to one line
#define PRTYPE_MULTI   0x0001
 print to many lines
#define PRTYPE_TYPE   0x0002
 print type declaration (not variable declaration)
#define PRTYPE_PRAGMA   0x0004
 print pragmas for alignment
#define PRTYPE_SEMI   0x0008
 append ; to the end
#define PRTYPE_CPP   0x0010
 use c++ name (only for print_type())
#define PRTYPE_DEF   0x0020
 tinfo_t: print definition, if available
#define PRTYPE_NOARGS   0x0040
 tinfo_t: do not print function argument names
#define PRTYPE_NOARRS   0x0080
 tinfo_t: print arguments with FAI_ARRAY as pointers
#define PRTYPE_NORES   0x0100
 tinfo_t: never resolve types (meaningful with PRTYPE_DEF)
#define PRTYPE_RESTORE   0x0200
 tinfo_t: print restored types for FAI_ARRAY and FAI_STRUCT
#define PRTYPE_NOREGEX   0x0400
 do not apply regular expressions to beautify name
#define PRTYPE_COLORED   0x0800
 add color tag COLOR_SYMBOL for any parentheses, commas and colons
#define PRTYPE_METHODS   0x1000
 tinfo_t: print udt methods
#define PRTYPE_1LINCMT   0x2000
 print comments even in the one line mode
#define PRTYPE_HEADER   0x4000
 print only type header (only for definitions)
#define PRTYPE_MAXSTR   0x8000
 limit the output length to 1024 bytes (the output may be slightly longer)

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