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Used by segment_t::flags. More...


#define SFL_COMORG   0x01
 IDP dependent field (IBM PC: if set, ORG directive is not commented out)
#define SFL_OBOK   0x02
 Orgbase is present? (IDP dependent field)
#define SFL_HIDDEN   0x04
 Is the segment hidden?
#define SFL_DEBUG   0x08
 Is the segment created for the debugger?. More...
#define SFL_LOADER   0x10
 Is the segment created by the loader?
#define SFL_HIDETYPE   0x20
 Hide segment type (do not print it in the listing)
#define SFL_HEADER   0x40
 Header segment (do not create offsets to it in the disassembly)

Detailed Description

Used by segment_t::flags.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define SFL_DEBUG   0x08

Is the segment created for the debugger?.

Such segments are temporary and do not have permanent flags.