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IDC value types

Used by idc_value_t::vtype. More...


#define VT_LONG   2
 Integer (see idc_value_t::num)
#define VT_FLOAT   3
 Floating point (see idc_value_t::e)
#define VT_WILD   4
 Function with arbitrary number of arguments. More...
#define VT_OBJ   5
 Object (see idc_value_t::obj)
#define VT_FUNC   6
 Function (see idc_value_t::funcidx)
#define VT_STR   7
 String (see qstr() and similar functions)
#define VT_PVOID   8
 void *
#define VT_INT64   9
#define VT_REF   10

Detailed Description

Used by idc_value_t::vtype.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define VT_WILD   4

Function with arbitrary number of arguments.

The actual number of arguments will be passed in idc_value_t::num. This value should not be used for idc_value_t.