Participate in our IDA Plugin Community Survey

One reason for our success is the strong community that has emerged around our products. We are always excited and surprised to see what plugins and tools you’ve been building on top of IDA all those years. This year, we want to engage with all of you better. It starts with asking you a few […]

MyCreepyCodeContest – Unleash Your Scariest Code Snippets!

Halloween is approaching, and we’ve decided to celebrate it by launching the #MyCreepyCodeContest. Whether you are a seasoned reverser or just an enthusiast, our #MyCreepyCodeContest invites you to dig up and share the most spine-chilling pieces of code you’ve encountered in the wild. Everyone is welcome to participate, regardless of experience. The goal is to…well, to […]

The Plugin Submission Initiative

We are thrilled to kick off an exciting new campaign – The Plugin Submission Initiative. Our Plugin Repository was developed not too long ago and has already reached a milestone with 122 plugins currently available for our users! It is a great start, but we believe there’s room for growth and improvement. The success of […]

Igor’s Tip of the Week #124: Scripting examples

Although IDA was initially created for interactive usage and tries to automate as much of the tedious parts of RE as possible, it still cannot do everything for you and doing the still necessary work manually can take a long time. To alleviate this, IDA ships with IDC and IDAPython scripting engines, which can be […]

Igor’s tip of the week #32: Running scripts

Scripting allows you to automate tasks in IDA which can be repetitive or take a long time to do manually. We previously covered how to run them in batch (headless) mode, but how can they be used interactively? Script snippets File > Script Command… (Shift+F2) Although this dialog is mainly intended for quick prototyping and database-specific […]

Python 3.9 support for IDA 7.5

Python 3.9 has been released fairly recently and it was a bit too short notice for us to ensure it works with IDA 7.5 Service Pack 3 (if you have tried it, you may have had a bad time.) We have now added support for Python 3.9 in IDAPython. Here’s how you can get it to […]

Igor’s tip of the week #08: Batch mode under the hood

We’ve briefly covered batch mode last time but the basic functionality is not always enough so let’s discuss how to customize it. Basic usage To recap, batch mode can be invoked with this command line: ida -B -Lida.log <other switches> <filename> IDA will load the file, wait for the end of analysis, and write the full disassembly to […]

IDA 7.4 and Python 3.8

As several of our users have noticed, IDA 7.4 Windows installer refuses to use Python 3.8.0 if you installed it. You can usually observe output similar to following: ———- Checking installs from “Python Software Foundation” Checking “Python 3.8 (64-bit)” (3.8) Found: “C:\Program Files\Python38\” (version: 3.8.0 (’38’)) Ignoring unusable Python 3.8.0 No Python installations were found ———- So why exactly is 3.8.0 “unusable”? Well, […]