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We are thrilled to kick off an exciting new campaign – The Plugin Submission Initiative. Our Plugin Repository was developed not too long ago and has already reached a milestone with 122 plugins currently available for our users! It is a great start, but we believe there’s room for growth and improvement.

The success of this reasonably new platform relies entirely on the contribution of talented developers like you. That’s why we invite you to join the Plugin Submission Initiative and participate in our efforts to expand and enhance the plugin experience for all users.

Have you already developed a plugin that isn’t published yet in our Repository?

Are you a plugin author with a plugin that deserves a place in the spotlight? We want to hear from you. Throughout the campaign, we encourage all authors to submit their IDA extensions to our repository. Whether it is a small script that streamlines the workflow, or an ingenious tool, we welcome a broad range of submissions.

We have already published your plugin, but you haven’t requested its ownership from us?

We populated our repository with publicly available plugins in the initial development phase. If you find your plugin in our repository, you can claim its ownership and make sure it is up to date. This way, you help us improve the Plugin Repository environment, and your colleagues can benefit from the newest features in your tool.

Earn an Exclusive Cap as a Token of Gratitude!

As a gesture of appreciation for your valuable contributions, we are awarding caps to authors who successfully submit and have their plugins approved by the admins and those of you who successfully take over the ownership of already published plugins*. Bear in mind that the offer is valid while stock lasts but no later than December 29th, 2023.

How to participate…

Participating in the Plugin Submission Initiative is simple:

  1. Check whether your plugin is already published:
  2. If not, click the “Submit a plugin” link and follow the steps.
  3. If your plugin is already published and you haven’t taken over the ownership, then contact, and you’ll be given instructions.
  4. When submission/ownership takeover is successful, you will be contacted to provide us with your delivery information.

If you have any questions regarding the initiative, please let us know at

Joining us in this campaign will help us make the Repository more valuable to all IDA users. It will get us closer to the goal of putting all IDA Plugins in a friendlier and safer environment. Send us your plugin today!

*Please bear in mind that we reserve the right to not send the awards to plugin writers from certain countries. Regardless of the number of successful submissions an author makes, each eligible author will be entitled to receive only one gift.