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We are excited to announce the release of IDA version 8.2!

In this release, there are many new features and enhancements for IDA Pro, IDA Teams, and IDA Home, including:

  • 32-bit support in IDA64
  • Processor modules improvements
  • Swift
  • picture_search plugin
  • UI candy
  • and more…

See full updates here:

How to request the new versions

As usual, the new versions of IDA Pro and IDA Home are free for users with an active support plan. Please use the “Help, Check for free update” menu item in IDA. It is also possible to configure automatic checks of new versions. Alternatively you can submit your ida.key to and our servers will prepare new download links for all your licenses. Please forgive us if your request takes some time to be processed, especially today, after the release. Thanks for your patience.

In case of problems, do not hesitate to send us a message. Just wait an hour or so, and if you do not hear from us, send a message to

Has your support plan expired?

If your key is too old for a free update, you might still be eligible for a discounted upgrade. Support plans can be renewed online. Please upload your ida.key file to get the cart automatically filled with the correct product IDs.

Upgrading to IDA Teams

We offer the following upgrade options to corporate users. Your options depend on your licenses:

  • if you have IDA Pro floating licenses: you can convert those, free of charge, to IDA Teams licenses;
  • if you have IDA Pro non-floating licenses: it’s possible to upgrade those to IDA Teams as well, but you need to contact for a quote. Specify the number of seats you require and what bundle you are interested in (see );
  • if you do not have licenses yet, or wish to acquire new licenses: please contact for a quote.

Note that IDA Teams is not an add-on for the existing IDA Pro licenses: it is a new product. IDA Teams uses a subscription-based licensing model. If you have IDA Teams, you can take advantage of a Private Lumina Server at no additional costs. Learn more about the Private Lumina Server: