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As software systems becomes more complex, we at Hex-Rays have witnessed a growing desire for more collaboration in the field of reverse-engineering: applying multiple sets of eyes and diversified skill sets, will be a boon for speeding up that process.

Over the last months/years, we have been busy cooking an appropriate response to that demand, and we’re approaching the time to go public about it.

Today, the Hex-Rays team is proud to announce the release of the beta version of IDA Teams: a collaborative tool for teams of reverse-engineers.

Inspired by processes (and tools) that are now ubiquitous in everyday traditional software engineering, IDA Teams brings the same power and control to the process of software reverse engineering.

Let teams collaborate, keep a history of changes made to projects, view their nature, merge conflicts seamlessly, … and this is only the beginning! (we have a few more ideas)

If you are interested or want more information, visit