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The #IDATrivia game! – Day 3

All questions are be related to IDA. Read them carefully, check our website, take a look at Igor’s tips, and send your guesses to
Attention! Submissions made after the deadlines will not be considered. The deadlines will be published with each round of questions. If all your answers are correct, you will participate in a raffle, and on the following day, we will pick and announce a winner. Each day we will give a different prize. Wondering what the awards are? That’s a mystery… and we will keep it secret. If you win, you will find out what your prize is at the time of the delivery.

If you think you are an IDA whiz, this should be a walk in the park for you. So let’s find that out…

Round 3

Date: 19 April


5. You see the following message in the decompiler “positive sp value has been detected”. What disassembly setting could you use to detect the source of the problem?
6. What does the locret_ prefix mean in IDA?

Deadline for submissions: 20 April, 1 pm CEST

General Terms & Conditions:

See the initial post

Should you have any complaints or questions, please get in touch with