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Hex-Rays announces the release of IDA Home.

It is not often that we release a brand new product, so pardon our excitement.

We used all the experience gained throughout the years to propose hobbyists a solution that combines rapidity, reliability with the levels of quality and responsiveness of support that any professional reverse engineers should expect.

IDA Home is available in 5 different editions covering the most common processor families and gives access to the Lumina server.

IDA Home’s main features:

  • Ability to analyze both 32-bit and 64-bit applications
  • Powerful IDAPython scripting with Python 3 support is included
  • Local or gdbserver debugger included
  • One processor family of choice from the most common processors:
  • Annual subscription
  • Named license only
  • Access to Lumina server
  • For the price of $365 / year

IDA Home illustration