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Just a quick post to share the joy of having more expressiveness and freedom in IDA Pro. A few days ago we implemented a JavaScript plugin. This means that there is yet one more languauge to write scripts in IDA, and a very powerful one.

All usual methods of accessing the language work: you may execute scripts, standalone statements, or even completely replace IDC with JavaScript.

All IDC functions are availalble in JavaScript (in fact, we just exported them one-to-one). In the future, we will export IDA objects into JavaScript and this will make programming it even easier.

Download the plugin here:

If you notice anything unusual, send us a note, thank you!

Elias will blog more about the plugin in the coming days, and maybe present something handy, as he already did in the past 😉

P.S. I subscribed to twitter a few days ago – it is so dynamic. Will probably switch to it, at least partially