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Sometimes I need to know if the current instruction sequence belongs to a loop or not.
If it does, I’d like to know the loop boundaries. It would be nice to have the current
loop highlighted. If the highlight changes as I navigate in the listing, it would be just

This is why I created this colorizer plugin. Implementing it turned out to be
easier than I thought 🙂 Pretty simple stuff but still useful.

There are no controls, no setup, nothing: the plugin is fully automatic.
The listing looks like this with it:

I used only cross-references to detect loops. This allows the plugin to work with
any processor. It detects the outermost loop (however I have a feeling that
the innermost loop would be better)…

As usual, the source code is available. In fact you have a chance of learning
how to write this plugin and similar modules for IDA.
We will be learning this and other things in detail during the

advanced training held in Columbia, MD, Nov 1-2.
If you are interested,
send us a message!

Feel free to play with the plugin and improve it!

Download it here: