Madame De Maintenon’s Cryptographic Pursuit – Unmasking the Traitors

In the heart of Versailles, an unexpected discovery sent ripples through the palace. Madame de Maintenon (the IDA Lady), the secret wife of Louis XIV, stumbled upon an unusual letter, containing a hidden plot for a coup. This letter, with its strange symbols, triggered a quest for answers. With unwavering determination, Madame de Maintenon (aka […]

Free Madame De Maintenon – CTF Challenge

Madame de Maintenon (AKA “IDA lady”) is locked in a castle and needs help to escape. Do you think you could free her? Be careful, you might get lost or caught by vicious guardians. Traps are laid along the way, so keep your eyes open, your mind sharp, and capture the flag. Send us proof […]