MyCreepyCodeContest – Unleash Your Scariest Code Snippets!

Halloween is approaching, and we’ve decided to celebrate it by launching the #MyCreepyCodeContest. Whether you are a seasoned reverser or just an enthusiast, our #MyCreepyCodeContest invites you to dig up and share the most spine-chilling pieces of code you’ve encountered in the wild. Everyone is welcome to participate, regardless of experience. The goal is to…well, to […]

Building IDA Python on Windows

This is a guest entry written by Elias Bachaalany. His views and opinions are his own and not those of Hex-Rays. Any questions with regards to the content of this blog post should be directed to the author. Introduction During the IDA Advanced training, I get asked a lot about how to set up the

The Plugin Submission Initiative

We are thrilled to kick off an exciting new campaign – The Plugin Submission Initiative. Our Plugin Repository was developed not too long ago and has already reached a milestone with 122 plugins currently available for our users! It is a great start, but we believe there’s room for growth and improvement. The success of […]

Igor’s Tip of the Week #124: Scripting examples

Although IDA was initially created for interactive usage and tries to automate as much of the tedious parts of RE as possible, it still cannot do everything for you and doing the still necessary work manually can take a long time. To alleviate this, IDA ships with IDC and IDAPython scripting engines, which can be […]

The Hex-Rays plugin repository

We are delighted to announce the Hex-Rays plugin repository! As you know, plugins have always played a substantial role in IDA due to their ability to enrich its functionality. Most of these extensions are created by the users and resolve all sorts of practical cases. Until now, for the lack of a centralized “index”, finding […]

Introducing the IDAClang Tutorial

As part of the 7.7 release, IDA bundles a new C++ parser based on the libclang library from the LLVM project. In addition to that, we wrote a new command-line utility, which allows you to build custom type libraries from C/C++ codebases. (Note: this link is protected by the download area password, included in […]

Igor’s tip of the week #32: Running scripts

Scripting allows you to automate tasks in IDA which can be repetitive or take a long time to do manually. We previously covered how to run them in batch (headless) mode, but how can they be used interactively? Script snippets File > Script Command… (Shift+F2) Although this dialog is mainly intended for quick prototyping and database-specific […]

Installing PIP packages, and using them from IDA on a 64-bit machine

Recently, one of our customers came to us asking how he should proceed to be able to install python packages, using PIP, and use those from IDA. The issue he was facing is that his system is a 64-bit Ubuntu 12.04 VM. Therefore using the Ubuntu-bundled PIP will just result in installing the desired package (let’s say […]