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How it works?

A debugger is a computer program that assists in the detection and correction of errors in other computer programs. In addition to being a disassembler, IDA is also a powerful and versatile debugger. It supports multiple debugging targets and can handle remote applications, via a remote debugging server.

IDA Pro's debugger covers every aspect of a debugging session, provides access to all the segments of the process's memory space and benefit from all of IDA's powerful functionalities (structures, graph, creating breakpoints in DLLs).

IDA debugger Add Breakpoints Step Inspect the Stack Watch Analyze
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Remote debugging servers
Enable debugging of any executable, from any platform!
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Cross-platform debugging
Enable instant debugging, easy connection to both local and remote processes and support for 64-bit systems
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Scriptable debuggers
Introduced since IDA 5.2, allow users to drop the event-based model and write IDA scripts to control the debugger
IDA debugger
  IDA runs on Windows
IDA runs on Linux
IDA runs on Mac OS X
Additional Notes
Target Platform:
Windows 32/64-bit
Local/Remote Remote Remote On 32-bit Windows platforms, remote only.
Target Platform:
Linux 32/64-bit
Remote Local/Remote Remote On 32-bit Linux platforms, remote only.
Supported platforms: x86/x64/ARM32 Linux/ARM Android
Target Platform:
OS X x86/x64
Remote Remote Local/Remote On 32-bit Mac OS X platforms, remote only.
Target Platform:
iOS (iPhone and iPad)
Remote Remote Remote Supports remote debugging applications on iOS >= 9.0 and iPadOS >= 13.1, via Apple’s debugserver
Target Platform:
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Remote Remote Remote Darwin kernel debugger. OSX kernel mode debugging is supported via the builtin gdb stub for VMware Fusion (EFI firmware debugging is also supported). iOS kernel mode debugging supported via Corellium and ktrw.
Target Platform:
Bochs Emulator Bochs Emulator Bochs Emulator
Target Platform:
GDB Server
GDB Server GDB Server GDB Server Debugger based on GDB Server. Particularly useful for windows or linux kernel debugging via VMWare, or even QEMU-based debugging.
Currently (IDA 7.4) supported processors: x86/x64, ARM/AArch64, PowerPC, MIPS, Motorola 68k, Infineon TriCore, and Renesas RH850.
Target Platform:
WinDBG 32/64-bit
Remote / / Both user-mode and kernel-mode debugging are available. 64-bit debugging is supported too. See the help page
This debugger is available only for the Windows version of IDA Pro
Target Platform:
Intel PIN
Intel PIN
Local Local / Based on Intel PIN. Especially useful for tracing but can be used as a regular debugger too.
Target Platform:
Android (Dalvik)
Remote Remote Remote Both DEX bytecode and source level debugging are available.
Please note that our Linux debugger can handle native code as well.


  • All debuggers are scriptable. For more information, check out this page
  • Remote debugging tutorial is available here
  • iPhone v1.x debugger is discontinued in IDA v5.6
  • Bochs debugger is available under Linux and Mac OS X starting from IDA v5.7
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