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Type of licenses available for IDA

Named licenses

Named licenses are linked to a specific end user and may be used on the user’s laptop, and two desktop computers. They are a logical choice for private users but are also available to corporations and universities if and when only one end user uses the software.

Computer licenses

Computer licenses are linked to a specific computer and may be used by different end-users on that computer provided only one user is active at any time. This license type is suitable for corporations because they are not tied to physical persons and allow for easy license reassignment.

Floating licenses

Floating (or Network) licenses can be installed on unlimited number of computers (in one organization) but allow only a limited number of simultaneously running copies.

How it works


IDA Home comes under a Named license scheme only and can be bought as an annual subscription. IDA Home replaces IDA Starter, which discontinues at version 7.4. IDA Starter users with an active support license can convert their license to one of the 5 IDA Home licenses (x86/x64, ARM/ARM64, MIPS/MIPS64, PowerPC/PPC64, Motorola 68K/Coldfire) or to IDA Pro. This conversion is free of charge; future support extensions will be at the cost of the chosen edition. Corporate customer’s licenses will be converted automatically to IDA Pro.
End User Agreement for IDA

Educational licenses

We offer free educational licenses to universities and other academic institutions that publicly enroll students on a regular basis. Military institutions do not qualify for educational licenses.

The educational license supports x86, x64, ARM and ARM64 processors. It comes with a native local debugger for Windows or Linux. Python and IDC scripts are supported. Input files up to 5MB can be analyzed.

How to apply?

To apply, send us a formal request on the organization letterhead with the following information:

  • The course description (in preference a web link)
  • Where IDA Educational will be used
  • The start date and duration of the course
  • The desired platform to run IDA Educational (Windows/Linux)
  • The number of required seats
  • The title, name, and email of the professor
Download the license agreement

License limitations

Named Computer Floating Educational
Available to individuals Yes No No No
Available to companies Yes Yes Yes No
Available to universities Yes Yes Yes Yes
Single license can be used by many different users No 1 Yes 2 Yes 3 Yes
Single license can be installed on more than one machine Yes 4 No Yes 5 No
Tied to a specific end user Yes 1 No 9 No 9 No
Several copies can be run simultaneously Yes 6 Yes 6 Yes 6 Yes 6
Requires network connection No No Yes 7 No
Locked to hardware No No No 8 No
Support period 1 year 1 year 1 year none
Requires a dongle No No No No
Expires Never Never Never Yes
  1. Each named license is assigned to a specific user and can be used only by that user. Reassignment of the license to another user is usually possible during the support period (max twice per year)
  2. Each computer license can be used by any user on the physical or virtual computer where it’s installed
  3. Each floating license allows one concurrent use of the software
  4. The user can install the software on his/her laptop and two desktop computers, provided that no other user uses the software on those computers.
  5. The software can be installed on as many computers as required (in the same company)
  6. Multiple copies can be run only on one computer at a time
  7. To the license server; it is possible to borrow a license for offline work
  8. Only license server is locked
  9. Computer and floating licenses are assigned an email, usually of a person who manages the licenses;
    updating the email address is possible during the support period (max twice per year)

IDA is available in two different editions

Both editions are available for 64-bit Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

IDA does not run on Windows XP anymore and 32-bit systems in general, but remote debugging on WinXP is still possible.

Support for the WinDbg debugger backend is available only in the Windows version.

Main differences between Home and Pro
IDA Home

IDA Home is available in 5 versions, each supporting one of the common processor families:
x86/x64 ARM/ARM64 MIPS/MIPS64 PowerPC/PPC64 Motorola 68K/Coldfire


IDA Pro supports more than 60 processor families

Hex-Rays Decompiler

The Decompiler software is available for 7 platforms:
x86 x64 ARM32 ARM64 PowerPC PowerPC64 MIPS
Currently the decompiler supports compiler generated code and converts native processor code into a readable C-like pseudocode text.
If you want to see the decompiler at work, try IDA Freeware or IDA Demo. They come with an x64 decompiler.

Decompilers require IDA Pro. Check out the decompiler limitations before ordering.

What you will receive

  • 1 Year of Technical Support
  • 30+ Processor Modules
  • 20+ Loaders


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Submitting an order by email

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