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This command edits the indented comment for the current line or the current variable. It can be applied to the local variable definition area (at the top of the output) and to the function statement area (at the bottom of the output).

If applied to the local variable definition area, this command edits the comment for the current local variable. Otherwise the comment for the current line will be edited.

Please note that due to the highly dynamic nature of the output, the decompiler uses a rather complex coordinate system to attach comments. Some output lines will not have a coordinate in this system. You cannot edit comments for these lines. We will try to overcome this limitation in the future but it might take some time and currently we do not have a clear idea how to improve the existing coordinate system.

Each time the output text changes the decompiler will rearrange the entered comments so they are displayed close to their original locations. However, if the output changes too much, the decompiler could fail to display some comments. Such comments are called "orphan comments". All orphan comments are printed at the very end of the output text.

You can cut and paste them to the correct locations or you can delete them with the "Delete orphan comments" command using the right-click menu.

The starting line position for indented comments can be configured by the user. Please check the COMMENT_INDENT parameter in the configuration file.

See also: Edit block comment | Interactive operation