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Hotkey: none

This convenience command allows the user to convert the current local variable from a non-pointer type to a pointer to a newly created structure type. It is available from the context menu if the current variable is used a pointer in the pseudocode.

The decompiler scans the pseudocode for all references to the variable and tries to deduce the type of the pointed object. Then the deduced type is displayed on the screen and the user may modify it to his taste before accepting it. When the user clicks OK, the new type is created and the type of the variable is set as a pointer to the newly created type.

In simple cases (for example, when the variable is used as a simple character pointer), the decompiler does not display any dialog box but directly changes the variable type. In such cases, no new type will be created.

This is just a convenience command. Please use the set type command in order to specify arbitrary variable types.

This command is available only when the decompiler is used with recent IDA versions.

See also: interactive operation