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* Hex-Rays Decompiler project
* Copyright (c) 2007-2024 by Hex-Rays,
* Sample plugin for the Hex-Rays Decompiler.
* It demonstrates how to use cblock_t::iterator
#include <hexrays.hpp>
struct plugin_ctx_t : public plugmod_t
bool inited = true;
install_hexrays_callback(hr_callback, nullptr);
if ( inited )
remove_hexrays_callback(hr_callback, nullptr);
virtual bool idaapi run(size_t) override { return false; }
static ssize_t idaapi hr_callback(
void *ud,
hexrays_event_t event,
va_list va);
// This callback handles various hexrays events.
ssize_t idaapi plugin_ctx_t::hr_callback(
void *,
hexrays_event_t event,
va_list va)
switch ( event )
case hxe_maturity:
cfunc_t *func = va_arg(va, cfunc_t *);
ctree_maturity_t mat = va_argi(va, ctree_maturity_t);
if ( mat == CMAT_BUILT )
struct ida_local cblock_visitor_t : public ctree_visitor_t
cblock_visitor_t(void) : ctree_visitor_t(CV_FAST) {}
int idaapi visit_insn(cinsn_t *ins) override
if ( ins->op == cit_block )
dump_block(ins->ea, ins->cblock);
return 0;
void dump_block(ea_t ea, cblock_t *b)
// iterate over all block instructions
msg("dumping block %a\n", ea);
for ( cblock_t::iterator p=b->begin(); p != b->end(); ++p )
cinsn_t &i = *p;
msg(" %a: insn %s\n", i.ea, get_ctype_name(i.op));
cblock_visitor_t cbv;
cbv.apply_to(&func->body, nullptr);
return 0;
// Initialize the plugin.
static plugmod_t *idaapi init()
return nullptr; // no decompiler
const char *hxver = get_hexrays_version();
msg("Hex-rays version %s has been detected, %s ready to use\n",
hxver, PLUGIN.wanted_name);
return new plugin_ctx_t;
static char comment[] = "Sample plugin7 for Hex-Rays decompiler";
plugin_t PLUGIN =
PLUGIN_HIDE // Plugin should not appear in the Edit, Plugins menu
| PLUGIN_MULTI, // The plugin can work with multiple idbs in parallel
init, // initialize
comment, // long comment about the plugin
nullptr, // multiline help about the plugin
"Hex-Rays block iterator", // the preferred short name of the plugin
nullptr, // the preferred hotkey to run the plugin
#define CV_FAST
do not maintain parent information
Definition: hexrays.hpp:5795
HexRays SDK header file.
bool init_hexrays_plugin(int flags=0)
Check that your plugin is compatible with hex-rays decompiler.
Definition: hexrays.hpp:8601
Ctree maturity level.
Definition: hexrays.hpp:5935
just generated
Definition: hexrays.hpp:5937
@ cit_block
block-statement: { ... }
Definition: hexrays.hpp:5609
bool install_hexrays_callback(hexrays_cb_t *callback, void *ud)
Install handler for decompiler events.
Definition: hexrays.hpp:12363
int remove_hexrays_callback(hexrays_cb_t *callback, void *ud)
Uninstall handler for decompiler events.
Definition: hexrays.hpp:12369
void term_hexrays_plugin()
Stop working with hex-rays decompiler.
Definition: hexrays.hpp:8609
const char * get_hexrays_version()
Get decompiler version.
Definition: hexrays.hpp:11511
Compound statement (curly braces)
Definition: hexrays.hpp:6571
Decompiled function. Decompilation result is kept here.
Definition: hexrays.hpp:6947
cinsn_t body
function body, must be a block
Definition: hexrays.hpp:6950
Ctree item: statement.
Definition: hexrays.hpp:6472
cblock_t * cblock
details of block-statement
Definition: hexrays.hpp:6475
ctype_t op
item type
Definition: hexrays.hpp:6071
ea_t ea
address that corresponds to the item. may be BADADDR
Definition: hexrays.hpp:6070
A generic helper class that is used for ctree traversal.
Definition: hexrays.hpp:5790
virtual int visit_insn(cinsn_t *)
Visit a statement.
Definition: hexrays.hpp:5864