IDA: What's new in 5.2


Improved iPhone support

IDA 5.2 handles iPhone executables out of the box.

Much improved ARM and PowerPC support

The updated ARM module supports 200 new instructions. This module started with mere 38 instructions: the ARM was a small and sleek processor; now it boasts 3 different instruction encodings [arm, thumb, thumb32], dsp, floating point, vector, simd, and even java instructions!

Much improved PowerPC module

The PowerPC module has ~40 new instructions.

Easy debugger scripts in IDC

The debugger is finally available from IDC. There is no need to write complex plugins, install event handlers and express the logic in a finite state machine form. Simple and natural functions that allow to wait for the next debugger event and continue the script without yielding control to the ida kernel have been introduced.

Improved type support

The type system has been improved to support types of abitrary length and complexity (there was a limitation of 1024 bytes per type descriptor). The user interface offers a new window to display and manipulate local types. This allows for easy migration of types from one database to another. You can even export all local types in a compiler readable form!

Detailed list of changes


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File Formats
Scripts & SDK
User Interface