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Since version 4.7, IDA offers a console Linux debugger and a console Linux disassembler (since version 5.1 IDA also offers a Mac OS X debugger and disassembler). The Linux version of IDA brings the power of combined disassembly and debugging to the Linux world. Like its Windows sibling, the IDA Linux Disassembler comes in two versions that differ only by the number of processors they support: click here for a list of processors supported by the Starter and Professional version of IDA.

The Linux version of IDA:

  • is able to disassemble any file supported by the Windows version.
  • supports all the features of the Windows console version, including interactivity, scripting and plugins.
  • offer local debugging of Linux executables.
  • can connect to Windows machines running our debugging server and debug Windows executables.
  • remote debugging server that allows you to debug Linux programs from another Linux machine, or even a Windows one.

Below: the Linux Debugger working locally.

Below: the Windows Debugger about to debug a remote Linux binary.

A typical use of the remote linux debugger would be the safe analysis of an hostile Windows binary: the Linux debugger, for example, brings unprecedented flexibility and security to the virus analyst. A typical use of the remote Windows debugger would be Linux debugging in a comfortable, well known GUI.

The IDA debugger, disassembler and remote debuggers are not sold separately but are included in the normal IDA distribution.