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Welcome to IDA 7.4 SP1!

IDA 7.4 SP1 fixes several minor issues discovered since the release of IDA 7.4.

Complete changelist

  • Processor Modules
    • + M16C: improved jumptable recognition for M32C and R32C
  • Installer
    • + installer: improved support for HiDPI displays in installers
    • + installer: ignore known unusable/buggy Python 3.x installs on Windows
  • Debugger
    • + DEBUGGER: android: introduced IDA_LIBC_PATH envvar to specify the path of a nonstandard location (e.g. in Android 10)
  • Plugins
    • + DSCU: allow __auth_stubs sections to be loaded individually from the dyldcache
  • Kernel/Misc
    • + goodname.cfg: improved std::basic_string patterns
    • BUGFIX: 6502: cross-references to 16-bit addresses could be truncated to 8 bits
    • BUGFIX: debugger: IDA could appear to hang when deleting debugger segments after terminating a debugged process.
    • BUGFIX: debugger: mac, linux debug servers could crash when using --on-broken-connection-keep-session (-k) switch.
    • BUGFIX: DOS: IDA could crash after rebasing databases created for DOS .SYS files
    • BUGFIX: DSCU: "load libname.dylib" context menu item could be unavailable for some valid addresses
    • BUGFIX: hexrays: 32-bit magic divisions could be incorrectly recognized on arm64 and ppc64
    • BUGFIX: hexrays: fixed interr 50340
    • BUGFIX: hexrays: IDA could crash if no type was selected in "Convert to struct *" dialog, but OK was clicked
    • BUGFIX: hexrays: it was impossible to change the representation of some constants
    • BUGFIX: hexrays: op_uses_x() was returning false for 'cot_sizeof'
    • BUGFIX: hexrays: some switch cases would be wrongly printed as unsigned values
    • BUGFIX: hexrays: UDT return type could cause INTERR and __spoil<...> attribute was not supported for user-defined calls
    • BUGFIX: hexrays: wrong handling of big register arglocs on BE plaftorm: valid fastcall functions could be erroneously converted to usercall
    • BUGFIX: IDA could crash when trying to use license borrowing functionality without opening a file first
    • BUGFIX: IDA could fail with "out of memory" if something was wrong with the list of trusted idbs
    • BUGFIX: IDAPython could crash at startup on OSX when used with Python 3.6.
    • BUGFIX: IDAPython: ida_hexrays.cblock_t.insert() was unusable
    • BUGFIX: IDAPython: ida_kernwin.UI_Hooks.preprocess_action() wouldn't allow inhibiting the action
    • BUGFIX: IDAPython: ida_nalt.retrieve_input_file_md5() & ida_nalt.retrieve_input_file_sha256() were returning invalid data
    • BUGFIX: IDAPython: inspect.stack() could fail on recent versions of Python3 (e.g., Python 3.7.4)
    • BUGFIX: IDAPython: re-instantiating a chooser a second time could cause some context menu items to appear twice
    • BUGFIX: IDAPython: when returning an inappropriate type for ida_kernwin.Chooser2.OnGetLine() (e.g., returning a 'map()' in Python3, which produces a map iterable object and not a list), we would receive a cryptic message.
    • BUGFIX: installer: Python 2.7 installation could fail if path to temp directory contained non-latin characters.
    • BUGFIX: Lumina: IDA could submit the "File Name:" comment at the beginning of the IDB, as part of the first function's comments.
    • BUGFIX: M16C: ADD.L #imm, SP instructions could update SP with wrong value
    • BUGFIX: M16C: added missing DIV?.L and MUL?.L M32C instructions
    • BUGFIX: pc: sysret was not marked as an instruction that stops execution
    • BUGFIX: PPC: some VLE switches were not recognized if they used a register other than r0 for loading jump table elements
    • BUGFIX: Pressing F5 could cause a confusing "conflicting shortcuts" message to be printed in some situations
    • BUGFIX: ui/qt: it was impossible to change the font for the new type editor
    • BUGFIX: ui/qt: navigating some forms containing a text area using <Tab> and <Shift+Tab>, was broken
    • BUGFIX: ui/qt: the "Output window" was not understanding the '\r' (carriage return) character, making Python's 'tqdm' unusable
    • BUGFIX: UI: it was impossible to add the same file in "Recent scripts" in two IDA instances running simultaneously
    • BUGFIX: UI: IDA's UI could be sluggish on OSX when using an external display.
    • BUGFIX: UI: list of patched bytes would be empty when patching a rebased program
    • BUGFIX: ui: the script snippets could fail highlighting properly when Unicode was involved
    • BUGFIX: unnamed types could not be imported in structure/enum views