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The Service Pack 1 of IDA 7.6 is primarily a bug fixes release that provides fixes for a few errors that might affect many users.

Complete changelist:


  • IDA Installers for Apple Silicon (arm64) don’t require Rosetta2 anymore and refuse to install on Intel Macs


  • verify correctness of function boundary metadata before using it


  • UI: QTreeWidget elements created from PyQt could fail to show any content
  • Decompiler: in some cases IDA crashed on right-click in the pseudocode window
  • UI: the string list cache was not restored in ida64
  • DOS: when rebasing a DOS executable using full rebase (MSF_NETNODES), segment register change points were not properly updated to the new segment bases
  • IDAPython: IDA could crash if was called for an invalid selection
  • Decompiler: ‘remove return value’ command could spoil the __userpurge calling convention
  • UI: In the “Structures” widget, ‘Create before current structure’ option wouldn’t be honored anymore
  • ARM: some CSNEG instructions were incorrectly simplified to CINV or CSETM instead of CNEG
  • DWARF: When processing global variables, the DWARF plugin could erroneously delete items it shouldn’t
  • UI: IDA could crash instead of showing a proper error when it detected too many copies running on the local network
  • iOS debugger could interr when querying the list of loaded dylibs
  • UI: IDA could crash when using full screen mode (F11) without a loaded database
  • UI: pressing Tab from the decompiler, to switch to a freshly-deleted disassembly view, could crash IDA
  • UI: IDA could crash when opening the shortcuts editor on macOS when some window-managing programs were running
  • UI: editing floating-point values in the hex view could fail
  • IDAPython: ida_graph.abstract_graph_t.get_edge() could crash IDA
  • UI: change accelerator for the “Optimize single stepping” option (‘O’ was already taken)
  • kernel: some event_listener_t hooks would not be unregistered on plugin unload which could lead to a crash later on
  • Decompiler: fixed interr 50464
  • Decompiler: fixed interr 50194
  • Decompiler: fixed interr 52379
  • Decompiler: fixed interr 50873
  • Decompiler: fixed interr 52369
  • Decompiler: fixed interr 50659
  • An explicitly specified calling convention of a virtual function would be ignored when the compiler was set to Visual Studio
  • IDA could hang on startup when running under Windows 10 Subsystem for Linux (WSL)
  • Decompiler: IDA 7.6 could crash when using 7.5 decompilers
  • UI: revert to the behavior of “create struct from data” to that of IDA 7.5 (use mangled names for struct members)
  • IDA raised interr 1827 for fixed (i.e. having PLUGIN_FIX flag) plugins with postponed init
  • golang: handle go1.16 filenames and linenumbers metadata
  • source-level debugging was broken on arm64 macOS
  • UI: the navigator wouldn’t remain hidden across IDB loads
  • UI: in the “Structures” window, jumping to a type (e.g., through xref) that’s not currently visible because it’s not part of the selection in the left-hand list, could fail to make it visible
  • UI: if no disassembly view is available at IDB load-time, some actions (e.g., UnHide) could be unavailable in certain widgets such as “Structures”