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IDA 8.1 Highlights

Private Lumina server

Our public Lumina database has been available for several years now and is full of useful information. However, not all organizations can use it due to confidentiality requirements, so now we offer an option of a private server which can be used to share functions metadata inside the organization.

Lumina options

IDA Teams will include a free Lumina license while IDA Pro users can purchase it separately.

New icons

We have designed a brand new icon set for IDA. The icon used will be specific to the IDA edition:

Edition Icon
IDA Teams IDA Teams icon
IDA Pro IDA Pro icon
IDA Home IDA Home icon
IDA Free IDA Free icon
IDA Demo IDA Demo icon

Sunsetting IDA for 32-bit binaries (IDA32)

The world is moving to 64 bits (in fact, IDA itself is a 64-bit executable since 7.0), so the 32-bit IDA gets used less and less. Due to implementation details, it was still necessary to use it for decompiling 32-bit executables, but now we are gradually lifting this limitation, so that in the future 32-bit files will be analyzed and decompiled in IDA64. Eventually we plan to completely deprecate 32-bit IDA and only keep it around for working with legacy .idb files.

Golang regabi support

Recent Go versions have enabled register-based calling convention (ABIInternal) instead of the original stack-based one for several architectures. While it was possible to describe it manually using __usercall in IDA, now it automatically allocates registers for the standard __golang convention based on the detected Go version and architecture of the binary.

For example, a function taking a slice and two integers had to be described manually in 8.0 as follows:

__int16 __usercall main_crc16@<ax>(_slice_uint8 buffer@<0:rax, 8:rbx, 16:rcx>, __int64 start@<rdi>, __int64 length@<rsi>)

ida 8.0

While in 8.1 the following works fine:

__int16 __golang main_crc16(_slice_uint8 buffer, __int64 start, __int64 length);

ida 8.1

Full list of changes and new features:

IDA Teams and Lumina

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