Latest available version: IDA and decompilers v8.4.240320sp1 see all releases
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IDA 8.4 Highlights

Unified type storage (ASMTIL)

IDA showing new Local Types

IDA editing the Windows Process Environment Block Structure

IDA struct context menu

IDA editing an enumeration

ARM/iOS improvements

Apple GXF disassembly

Apple AMX disassembly

ARMv8.6-A SHA512 instructions

ARMv8-M  disassembly

Selective DSC cache loader

Return value in D0 being recognized by the decompiler

Debugger improvements

Dalvik debugger without type information:

IDA debugging a dalvik program without type information

The same app, but with successfully guessed types for all local variable slots that are in scope:

IDA debugging a dalvik program with type information available

IDA modifying environment variables of the debugged target process

Debug options showing new noaslr, noack options configured for ARM64

Modernized Look'n'Feel

IDA with new icons and crosshair effect in the minigraph view

Moreover, pixelated fonts are a thing of the past. Texts in graph mode now render crisp at any zoom level.

IDA at at high zoom level showing vectorized fonts

Old version:

New version:

Improved Parsing of Rust metadata

IDA without Rust plugin

IDA parsing and demangling Rust datastructures

Full list of changes and new features:

Processor modules

File formats


Standard plugins


Scripting & SDK