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Decode an instruction and returns an insn_t object (check ua.hpp)
     ea - linear address of the instruction to decode
The return values are:
     0 => if the function fails
     insn_t object:
       cs, ip, ea, itype, size, auxpref, insnpref, segpref, flags
       n: number of operands
       is_canonical: Boolean. True if its a canonical instruction.
       feature, mnem: canonical feature and mnemonic string (if is_canonical is True)
       Op0..Op7: instances of op_t (check ua.hpp)
                 n, type, offb, offo, flags, dtyp, reg, value, addr, specval,
                 specflag1, specflag2, specflag3, specflag4

object decode_insn(long ea);

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