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 Action    name: OpenLocalTypes
Each database has a local type library embedded into it. This type library (til) is used to store types that are local to the current database. They are usually created by parsing a header file.

This command opens the local types window. The user can manipulate local types here:

  - the existing types can be modified (the default hotkey is Ctrl-E)
  - the existing types can be deleted (the default hotkey is Del)
  - new types can be added (the default hotkey is Ins)
Please note that Ins can be used to add many types at once. For that the user just needs to enter multiple declarations, one after another in the dialog box.

However, Ctrl-E permits for editing of one type at a time. This may cause problems with complex structure types with nested types. Nested types will not be saved by Ctrl-E.

If the edited type corresponds to an idb type (struct or enum), then the corresponding type will be automatically synchronized. If the user modifies an idb type in the struct/enum windows, the corresponding local type will be updated too. So the type synchronization works both ways.

Some types in this list are created automatically by IDA. They are copies of the types defined in the Struct or Enum views. Such types are displayed using in gray, as if they are disabled.

Types displayed in black are considered as C level types. Read more.

Each type in the local type library has an ordinal number and may have a name.

Be careful when deleting existing types because if there are references to them, they will be invalidated.

A local type can be mapped to another type. Such an operation deletes the existing type and redirects all its references to the destination type. Circular dependencies are forbidden. In the case of a user mistake, a mapped type can be deleted and recreated with the correct information.

 See also View|Open subviews submenu.
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