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This tab of IDA Options dialog allows for editing of hint and identifier highlight related settings. There are two groups of settings.

The first group is for hints that are displayed when the mouse is hovered over some text.

The second group is for highlighting.

Number of lines for identifier hints

        Specifies how tall the hint window will be initially.
        IDA may decide to display less lines than specified if the hint is
        small. The user can resize the hint window using the mouse wheel.
Delay for identifier hints
        Milliseconds that pass before the hint appears when the user
        hovers the mouse pointer over an identifier
Mouse wheel resizes hint window
        Permit to resize the hint window by using the mouse wheel.
        Can be turned off if the user does not want to resize the hints.
No hints if debugger is active
        Hints will be disabled when the debugger is active. This may be
        useful to speed of debugging: calculating hints for zero filled
        ranges can be very expensive

Auto highlight the current identifier
        Highlight the current identifier everywhere on the screen.
        IDA tries to determine if the current identifier denotes a register.
        In this case it will highlight references to other parts of the
        register. For example, if "AL" is highlighted, IDA will also highlight
        "AH", "AX", and "EAX" (if the current processor is x86).
Unhide collapsed items automatically when jumping to them (gui only)
        If this option is set on, IDA will automatically
        uncollapse hidden functions if the user decides to jump
        to them. As soon as the user quits the function by pressing
        Esc, the function is automatically collapsed again.
Lazy jumps (gui only)
        If this option is set on, IDA will not redraw the
        disassembly window if the jump target is already on the screen.
        In this case, it will just move the cursor to the specified
        address. This option leads to less screen redraws and
        less jumpy behaviour.
Number of items in navigation stack drop-down menus
        Specifies the number of entries in the drop-down menu for the 'Jump'
Number of lines for auto scroll
        Specifies how many lines force automatic scrolling of the
        disassembly view
Caret blinking interval
        Specifies how fast the input caret blinks (in milleseconds).
        Must be greater than or equal to 500, or zero.
        Zero means to disable blinking
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