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 Action    name: LoadPdbFile
This command loads a PDB file.

If the program being disassembled has a companion PDB file, then this command may be used to load information from the PDB file into the database.

By default IDA uses in-house code to parse and load PDB files. However, our code can not parse old v2.0 PDB files. For them, IDA can fall back to using Microsoft DLLs (the default is "do not fall back"). Please read more in cfg/pdb.cfg.

Command line switch '-Opdb:option1:option2' overrides for ida session the value in cfg/pdb.cfg.

List of options

  off    : disable PDB
  pdbida : uses Hex-rays in-house code to parse and load PDB files.
  msdia  : uses Microsoft DLLs to parse and load PDB files.
           only available on Windows, for Linux/Macos you need to configure
           win32_remote.exe or win64_remote64.exe server in cfg/pdb.cfg
  fallback   : fallback from pdbida to msdia for the old 2.0 format
  nofallback : no fallback to msdia


Ida will not load PDB plugin for this session.

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