State-of-the-art binary code analysis tools
Convert the object into a C structure and store it into the idb or a buffer
 typeinfo - description of the C structure. Can be specified
            as a declaration string or result of get_tinfo() or
            similar functions
 dest     - address (ea) to store the C structure
            OR a reference to a destination string
 flags    - combination of PIO_.. bits

void, dest, flags);

#define PIO_NOATTR_FAIL 0x0004 // missing attributes are not ok #define PIO_IGNORE_PTRS 0x0008 // do not follow pointers

#define PDF_INCL_DEPS 0x1 // Include dependencies #define PDF_DEF_FWD 0x2 // Allow forward declarations #define PDF_DEF_BASE 0x4 // Include base '__intX' types

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