State-of-the-art binary code analysis tools
Print typeinfo in a human readable form
  flags - optional parameter, combination of PRTYPE_... bits
The typeinfo object must have the "typid" attribute
If the "name" attribute is present, it will be used in the output too
If failed, returns 0

string typeinfo.print(flags);

#define PRTYPE_1LINE 0x0000 // print to one line #define PRTYPE_MULTI 0x0001 // print to many lines #define PRTYPE_TYPE 0x0002 // print type declaration (not variable declaration) #define PRTYPE_PRAGMA 0x0004 // print pragmas for alignment #define PRTYPE_SEMI 0x0008 // append ; to the end #define PRTYPE_CPP 0x0010 // use c++ name (only for print_type2) #define PRTYPE_DEF 0x0020 // tinfo_t: print definition, if available

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