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Generate an output file
     type  - type of output file. One of OFILE_... symbols. See below.
     fp    - the output file handle
     ea1   - start address. For some file types this argument is ignored
     ea2   - end address. For some file types this argument is ignored
     flags - bit combination of GENFLG_...
returns: number of the generated lines.
         -1 if an error occurred
         OFILE_EXE: 0-can't generate exe file, 1-ok

int gen_file(long type, long file_handle, long ea1, long ea2, long flags);

// output file types:

#define OFILE_MAP 0 #define OFILE_EXE 1 #define OFILE_IDC 2 #define OFILE_LST 3 #define OFILE_ASM 4 #define OFILE_DIF 5

// output control flags:

#define GENFLG_MAPSEGS 0x0001 // map: generate map of segments #define GENFLG_MAPNAME 0x0002 // map: include dummy names #define GENFLG_MAPDMNG 0x0004 // map: demangle names #define GENFLG_MAPLOC 0x0008 // map: include local names #define GENFLG_IDCTYPE 0x0008 // idc: gen only information about types #define GENFLG_ASMTYPE 0x0010 // asm&lst: gen information about types too #define GENFLG_GENHTML 0x0020 // asm&lst: generate html (gui version only) #define GENFLG_ASMINC 0x0040 // asm&lst: gen information only about types

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