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The configuration files are searched first in %IDADIR%\cfg, then in %IDAUSR%\cfg.

See documentation about the IDAUSR environment variable.

In the configuration files, you can use C,C++ style comments and include files. If no file is found, IDA uses default values. IDA uses the following configuration files:

 IDA.CFG    - general config file
 IDATUI.CFG - text mode interface config file
 IDAGUI.CFG - graphics mode interface config file
In the IDATUI.CFG, you can define the hotkeys and keyboard macros for the text version of IDA. Syntax:
        "ActionName" = Value
where value may be:
        a string:       "Ctrl-F5"
        a char:         'F'
        a scancode:     0x4900
        zero:           0
Zero scancode disables the hotkey.

To define the keyboard macros:

     MACRO key { key1 key2 key3 ... keyN }
where key is a string (key name), char or a scancode. Example:
        MACRO   "Alt-W" // this sample macro jumps to "start" label
                's' 't' 'a' 'r', 't'
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