State-of-the-art binary code analysis tools
You should enter an address as a hexadecimal number or a location name. When you enter the address in the hexadecimal format, you can omit the segment part of the address and the current segment will be used. Addresses beyond the program limits are invalid.

Also, you can enter a location name with a displacement:

And finally you can specify a relative address:
        +10             0x10 bytes further
        -5              5 bytes backwards
If the entered string cannot be recognized as a hexadecimal or location name, IDA will try to interpreet it as an expression using the current script interpreter. The default interpreter is IDC.

Special addresses:

        $ - current location (depends on the current assembler)
        456             current segment, offset 0x456
        5E              current segment, offset 0x5E
        3000:34         segment 0x3000,  offset 0x34
        ds:67           segment pointed by ds, offset 0x67
        start           a location with name 'start'
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