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 Action    name: EditStruct
This command allows the user to accomplish two things: - it moves the current structure type definition to another place in the structure window - it allows the user to change the structure alignment

Each structure has its ID and serial number. The ID is a number used to refer to the structure, while a serial number is used to order structures during output. Changing the serial number moves the structure to another place.

The serial number of a structure is displayed at the lower left corner of the window.

You can specify any number, IDA will move the structure to the specified place.

  1 - the current structure becomes the first structure
  2 - to the second place
The structure alignment is used to calculate the padding bytes at the end of the structure. The alignment must be a power of 2.

This command is available when you open a structure window.

See also Edit|Structs submenu. How to Enter a Number.

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