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Suppose we need to create a segment occupying linear addresses 200000-200C00 and the virtual addresses must have be 0000..0C00. If we simply enter
        segment start address:  0x200000
        segment end address:    0x200C00
        segment base:           0x20000
Then IDA will notice that the segment base is too big and does not fit into 16bits. Because of this IDA will find a free selector (let's say it has found selector number 5), define it to point at paragraph 0x20000 and create a segment. After all this we will have:
        - a new selector is defined (5 -> 0x20000)
        - a new segment is created. Its attributes:
                start = 0x200000
                end   = 0x200C00
                base  = 5
The first virtual address in the segment will be 0:
        VirtualAddress = LinearAddress - (SelectorValue(SegmentBase) << 4)
                       = 0x200000      - (SelectorValue(5) << 4)
                       = 0x200000      - (0x20000 << 4)
                       = 0x200000      - 0x200000
                       = 0
Please note that the end address never belongs to the segment in IDA.

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