State-of-the-art binary code analysis tools
You can:
  - enter a sequence of numbers in the selected radix
    (hexdecimal, decimal or octal)
  - enter C string constants like this: "string"
  - enter a question mark ? to ignore variable bytes
  - enter Unicode string constants: L"unicode string"
Sequence must be separated by a space or a comma.

If you enter a number, it will occupy the minimal number of bytes it fits in with the restriction that the number of bytes is a power of 2 (1, 2, or 4 bytes).


  CD 21          - bytes 0xCD, 0x21
  21CD           - bytes 0xCD, 0x21 (the order depends on the endiannes)
  "Hello", 0     - the null terminated string "Hello"
  L"Hello"       - 'H', 0, 'e', 0, 'l', 0, 'l', 0, 'o', 0
  B8 ? ? ? ? 90  - byte 0xB8, 4 bytes with any value, byte 0x90
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