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Bits: specific state information


#define MS_COMM   0x000FF800
 Mask of common bits.
#define FF_COMM   0x00000800
 Has comment ?
#define FF_REF   0x00001000
 has references
#define FF_LINE   0x00002000
 Has next or prev lines ?
#define FF_NAME   0x00004000
 Has name ?
#define FF_LABL   0x00008000
 Has dummy name?
#define FF_FLOW   0x00010000
 Exec flow from prev instruction.
#define FF_SIGN   0x00020000
 Inverted sign of operands.
#define FF_BNOT   0x00040000
 Bitwise negation of operands.
#define FF_UNUSED   0x00080000
 unused bit (was used for variable bytes)

Detailed Description

Flags keep information common to all four states of bytes. This information will not be automatically discarded during transitions between different states.