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Bits: specific state information

Detailed Description

Flags keep information common to all four states of bytes. This information will not be automatically discarded during transitions between different states.


#define MS_COMM   0x000FF800
 Mask of common bits.
#define FF_COMM   0x00000800
 Has comment ?
#define FF_REF   0x00001000
 has references
#define FF_LINE   0x00002000
 Has next or prev lines ?
#define FF_NAME   0x00004000
 Has name ?
#define FF_LABL   0x00008000
 Has dummy name?
#define FF_FLOW   0x00010000
 Exec flow from prev instruction.
#define FF_SIGN   0x00020000
 Inverted sign of operands.
#define FF_BNOT   0x00040000
 Bitwise negation of operands.
#define FF_UNUSED   0x00080000
 unused bit (was used for variable bytes)