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Misc. database flags

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#define LFLG_PC_FPP   0x00000001
 decode floating point processor instructions?
#define LFLG_PC_FLAT   0x00000002
 32-bit program (or higher)?
#define LFLG_64BIT   0x00000004
 64-bit program?
#define LFLG_IS_DLL   0x00000008
 Is dynamic library?
#define LFLG_FLAT_OFF32   0x00000010
 treat REF_OFF32 as 32-bit offset for 16bit segments (otherwise try SEG16:OFF16)
#define LFLG_MSF   0x00000020
 Byte order: is MSB first?
#define LFLG_WIDE_HBF   0x00000040
 Bit order of wide bytes: high byte first? (wide bytes: processor_t::dnbits > 8)
#define LFLG_DBG_NOPATH   0x00000080
 do not store input full path in debugger process options
#define LFLG_SNAPSHOT   0x00000100
 memory snapshot was taken?
#define LFLG_PACK   0x00000200
 pack the database?
#define LFLG_COMPRESS   0x00000400
 compress the database?
#define LFLG_KERNMODE   0x00000800
 is kernel mode binary?

Detailed Description

used by idainfo::lflags