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Type parsing flags


#define PT_SIL   0x0001
 silent, no messages
#define PT_NDC   0x0002
 don't decorate names
#define PT_TYP   0x0004
 return declared type information
#define PT_VAR   0x0008
 return declared object information
#define PT_PACKMASK   0x0070
 mask for pack alignment values
#define PT_HIGH   0x0080
 assume high level prototypes (with hidden args, etc)
#define PT_LOWER   0x0100
 lower the function prototypes
#define PT_REPLACE   0x0200
 replace the old type (used in idc)
#define PT_RAWARGS   0x0400
 leave argument names unchanged (do not remove underscores)
#define PT_RELAXED   0x1000
 accept references to unknown namespaces

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