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Text control property bits

Detailed Description

used by textctrl_info_t::flags


#define TXTF_AUTOINDENT   0x0001
 auto-indent on new line
#define TXTF_ACCEPTTABS   0x0002
 Tab key inserts 'tabsize' spaces.
#define TXTF_READONLY   0x0004
 text cannot be edited (but can be selected and copied)
#define TXTF_SELECTED   0x0008
 shows the field with its text selected
#define TXTF_MODIFIED   0x0010
 gets/sets the modified status
#define TXTF_FIXEDFONT   0x0020
 the control uses IDA's fixed font
#define TXTF_LINENUMBERS   0x0040
 the text editor widget should display line numbers