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IDA 8.0 Highlights

As usual, IDA has improved on many fronts, but the most important feature this time around - and the one that justifies the major version bump - is the introduction of IDA Teams.

IDA Teams is out!

We've been hard at work putting the finishing touches to our new product: an integrated set of tools to bring seamless collaboration among teams of [reverse-]engineers.

Inspired by the best revision control tools out there, IDA Teams brings their key concepts to IDA databases & workflows:

We're very proud - and excited! - by what IDA Teams can accomplish, and hope you will appreciate its potential. But we won't stop there: we already have great ideas for the next versions!

iOS 16 dyld shared cache support

Once again, Apple has modified the internal format of the system files on their mobile operating systems to improve performance and memory usage, so we have updated IDA to support the new tweaks.


Outlined functions

Another new trick used by Apple on recent iOS versions is outlined functions. This is a code size optimization where the compiler extracts common instruction sequences used in several functions into a new pseudo-function which is then "called" from multiple places. This behavior tends to make decompiled pseudocode ugly, especially when the outlined functions use arbitrary registers or stack variables from the parent function. Now you can mark such functions with a special attribute and the decompiled code will look much nicer.

For example, here's a fragment of a file which has been compiled with such optimization:


In initial pseudocode, we can see explicit calls to the compiler-generated _OUTLINED_FUNCTION_NN fragments, and some variables marked in orange because the decompiler considers them to be spoiled by the calls (which is the case with calls to regular functions). After marking those pseudo-functions with 'outline' attribute and refreshing the pseudocode, the decompiler inlines everything and there are no more orange variables:


Golang 1.18

The new version of the language introduced changes to the layout of the metadata. New IDA version can parse it and nicely recover function names.

For example, here's a stripped golang 1.18 binary in IDA 7.7:


And the same binary in IDA 8.0:


As you can see, previously unnamed functions now have proper names.

ARC decompiler

ARC processors are used in many embedded devices such as SSD drives or Wi-Fi chipsets. It was also the core used in the infamous Intel ME until several years ago. The new decompiler supports all ARC instruction set variants currently supported by IDA: classic 32-bit ISA, 32/16-bit ARCompact and the new ARCv2. Delay slots, conditional instructions and zero-overhead loops are supported out of the box.


NOTE: this decompiler will be initially only available as part of IDA Teams Ultra bundle.

No more Python 2

It's been over two years since Python 2.7 support has ended, and it's time to let go. IDA 8.0 will support only Python 3.x, including the latest 3.10 (Windows installer includes Python 3.10.5).

Better firmware analysis thanks to the function finder plugin (patfind)

Firmware binaries usually do not have any symbols or other metadata which would help IDA to find code in the unmarked loaded data, so users had to do it manually. In the new release, we've added a plugin which makes use of the pattern format used in Ghidra (with minor extensions). This plugin is enabled by default for binary and binary-like formats and helps IDA discover more code automatically. It can also be invoked manually for normal structured files to find otherwise unreferenced code.


Comparison of the number of functions discovered after initial autoanalysis with default settings:

file type IDA 7.7 IDA 8.0 + patfind
Cortex-M0 firmware (8KB) 0 59
ARM9 firmware (23KB) 0 97
ARM11 firmware (300KB) 84 1697
PowerPC firmware (2MB) 0 2223

FLAIR pattern generator (makepat)

The FLAIR toolkit, available to all IDA Pro customers, allows creating FLIRT signatures from static libraries. However, such libraries are not always available - sometimes all you have is just the final linked binary. The makepat plugin supports creating .pat files for functions in an arbitrary IDA database. It uses the functionality added for Lumina to mark variable bytes in the patterns. The .pat can then be compiled to a signature file using sigmake and applied to other files.


Full list of changes and new features:

Procesor modules:


File formats:


Standard plugins

Scripting & SDK




BUFGIX: IDC: definitions of SN_CHECK/SN_NOCHECK (flags for set_name()) were wrong 
BUGFIX: ARM: fixed an endless loop which could occur when analyzing code switching between ARM/Thumb modes
BUGFIX: ARM: IDA could display a "bad instruction decoding" warning when trying to decode an undefined instruction
BUGFIX: ARM: some undefined A64 instructions were wrongly decoded as FCMEQ
BUGFIX: ARM: arm64 function arguments with wrong attributes could crash ida
BUGFIX: automatically created string literal names would have repeating symbols in place of embedded zeroes in the string
BUGFIX: dbg: IDA could produce an internal error when undo was used during debugging
BUGFIX: decompiler: do not crash if nullptr is passed to various save_.. functions
BUGFIX: decompiler: do not optimize away successive volatile memory reads
BUGFIX: decompiler: fix sometimes wrong decompilation when loading values from memory in big-endian mode
BUGFIX: decompiler: fixed multiple interrs
BUGFIX: decompiler: modifies_d() was incorrectly returning true for instructions without the 'd' operand
BUGFIX: DWARF: during source-level debugging, location of some items wouldn't be properly resolved
BUGFIX: DWARF: The plugin could INTERR because of how duplicate types were handled
BUGFIX: golang: IDA could hang when parisng metadata in some Go binaries
BUGFIX: IDA could crash when loading PE files if IDS debugging was enabled (-z40 switch)
BUGFIX: IDA could fail to load bytes from modules in iOS 15 dyldcaches for older iphones (iphone X and earlier)
BUGFIX: IDA could fail to load symbols for some modules in iOS 15 dyldcaches
BUGFIX: idaclang could create invalid types after parsing a "using" declaration that has the same name as an existing type
BUGFIX: idaclang could fail to parse c++ type declarations that use the "auto" keyword
BUGFIX: idaclang would fail to parse function prototypes that have an unspecified number of arguments
BUGFIX: IDAPython: fixed multiple crashes and infinite loops when wrong arguments are passed to IDA APIs
BUGFIX: IDAPython: IDA could crash if 'has_insn_feature' was called with improper data
BUGFIX: IDAPython: internal errors in IDA API wrappers which are called bypassing IDA UI (e.g. from alternative IDAPython shells) are now caught and reported properly
BUGFIX: IDAPython: when trying to create a too big segment, produce a warning instead of fatal error
BUGFIX: IDC: calling get_tev_reg() with wrong data could produce "No error" message instead of showing the correct error
BUGFIX: installer: PIN debugger plugin was not shipped with Mac builds of IDA by mistake
BUGFIX: kernel: compact_numbered_types() was mishandling aliased types
BUGFIX: kernel: fixed an endless loop which could occur during application of startup signatures
BUGFIX: kernel: fixed interr 641 that could occur when parsing a bad function prototype
BUGFIX: kernel: get_strlit_contents() could loop very long time even when maxcps was set to a reasonable value
BUGFIX: kernel: IDA could produce "database corrupted" when undoing some operations
BUGFIX: MACHO: some ARM64e binaries could have wrong pointer values, leading to wrong parsing of Objective-C metadata
BUGFIX: MIPS: bltzal and bgezal were not handled as call instructions
BUGFIX: OBJC: "Run until message received" action could fail on macOS 12
BUGFIX: PC: some 64-bit functions would lose offsets when Lumina metadata was applied
BUGFIX: PC: ud1 instruction was decoded incorrectly (the mod r/m byte was not parsed)
BUGFIX: PDB: fixed interr 984 which could occur when loading PDBs with types from recent Windows builds
BUGFIX: PDB: the PDB file download could be cancelled unexpectedly when using symsrv.dll from WinDbg Preview
BUGFIX: PPC: functions using 'ba' for tail calls to noret functions were not marked as noret
BUGFIX: SDK: get_name_ea() would return non-BADADDR results for structure or enum names
BUGFIX: svdimport: plugin could crash when processing certain SVD files
BUGFIX: tilib: fixed interr 157 that could occur when listing til contents in the presence of type aliases
BUGFIX: UI: database snapshots were added to the recent files list and could fill it completely
BUGFIX: UI: IDA could produce internal errror 40225 after some user manipulations with the function graphs
BUGFIX: UI: IDA would not display shortcuts for actions in context menus on macOS
BUGFIX: UI: strings containing \r\n could be printed as empty in the Output window and the log file
BUGFIX: UI: TOOL_CLOSED_BY_ESC in idagui.cfg did not work
BUGFIX: windbg: IDA could crash if a breakpoint it added became invalid (e.g. by user's actions bypassing IDA's UI)