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The Linux debugger has the following particularities and limitations:

- The debugger server can handle only one IDA client at a time

- By default, the 64-bits debugger will try to load "" and "" in order to help with stack recovery.

- ARMLinux: hardware breakpoints are not supported

- ARMLinux: The THUMB mode is not supported

- Configure the debugger specific options (for 64 bits only) in Debugger Options, Set specific options.

  - Path to libunwind:
    - "" (the default): the debugger will try to load
      libunwind "" + "" pair
      using the regular 'ld' search path.
    - "" (note the lack of ".8" at the end): like the
      default, except the debugger will look for ""
      and "" (this is particularly useful for working
      with libunwind "dev" packages)
    - absolute path to or Linux debugger
      will try to load libunwind only from the provided path.
    - absolute path to "[.8]": the debugger will try
      to load the two libraries from there (the absolute path to
      "[.0]" will be derived from that of
    - left blank: don't use libunwind to collect stack traces.
  By default this is set to meaning the default
  path will be used to load and If an absolute
  path is provided, both libraries will be loaded from this path. If left emtpy, the call
  stack will be analysed by Ida and not libunwind.
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