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Here are the debugger commands:
  Debugger window
  Tracing submenu
  Thread list
  Module list
  Start process
  Attach to process...
  Process options
  Pause process
  Terminate process
  Detach from process
  Take memory snapshot
  Manual memory regions
  Step into
  Step over
  Run until return
  Run to cursor
  Set current ip
  Show application screen
  Source view
  Watch view (source level)
  Watches (assembler level)
  Debugger options
  Switch debugger...
See also
  Menu Bar
  How to launch remote debugging
  Debugger for macOS
  Debugger for Bochs
  Remote GDB debugger
  Remote iOS debugger
  WinDbg debugger
  Replayer debugger
  PIN Tracer
  Dalvik debugger
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