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 Action    name: SetupProcess
This dialog box allows to specify different settings related to the process being debugged.


        Host application to launch.
        When the debugging target (== 'input file') is an executable file, this field is equal to the 'input file'.
        If this field is wrong, IDA will not be able to launch the program.
        For remoting debugging, this field denotes a remote file.
Input file
        The input file used to create the database.
        For remoting debugging, this field denotes a remote file.
        Directory to start the application. If empty, then the current directory
        will be used.
        For remoting debugging, this field denotes a remote directory.
        Optional parameters to pass to the debugged application (or the host application)
        when it starts. This field may be empty.
        The standard input/output/error channels can be redirected using
        the bash shell notations. for example: >output 2>&1
        If entered, denotes the name of the remote host with the application
        to debug. In this case, a remote IDA server on this host must be launched.
        Click here to see the list of remote servers.
        The port number of the remote server
        Optional password to protect your server from strangers connecting to
        it and running arbitrary commands. The same password switch must be
        specified on the remote server.
The hostname, port, and password are not available for debuggers connected locally to the computer.
 See also Start process
          Debugger submenu
          How to launch remote debugging
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