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IDA Qt can display program strings using different encodings. You can specify default encodings for all strings or override the encoding of a specific string.

The following encodings can be used:

<default> - the default encoding for this string type (8-bit or 16-bit)

<no conversion> - the string bytes are printed using the current system encoding (after translating with XlatAsciiOutput array in the configuration file).

Windows codepages (e.g. 866, CP932, windows-1251)

Charset names (e.g. Shift-JIS, UTF-8, Big5)

You can add new encodings to the list using the context menu item Insert (Ins hotkey).

On Linux/OS X, you can run "iconv -l" to see the available encodings. Please note that some encodings are not supported on all systems.

See also Options submenu.

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