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 Action    name: AddStruct
This command defines a new structure or a new union. The new structure is created with zero length. You will have to add structure members using structure manipulation commands.

If the entered structure name denotes a standard structure type from a loaded type library, then its definition will be automatically used. In this case, the value of the 'create union' checkbox will be ignored.

This command is available when you open a structures window.

You can add new members to the structure using the following commands:

        command         hotkey
        -------         ------
    make data            D
    make strlit           A
    make array           *
    rename               N
You may also insert/delete undefined bytes into the middle of the structure by using expand and shrink commands.

"Create before current structure" means that the new structure will be placed immediately before the current structure type. Otherwise, the new structure is placed after the current structure.

"Don't include in the list" means that the structure will not be included in the list of the structures which appears when the user applies the structure definition, for example, when he creates a variable of this structure type. We recommend to mark this checkbox when you have defined all variables of this structure type and want to reduce the number of choices in the list.

See also Edit|Structs submenu. How to Enter an Identifier

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