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 Action    name: MakeStrlit
This command converts the current unexplored bytes to a string.

The set of allowed characters is specified in the configuration file, parameter StrlitChars. Character '\0' is not allowed in any case. If the current assembler does not allow characters above 0x7F, characters with high bit set are not allowed.

If the anchor has been dropped, IDA will take for the string all characters between the current cursor position and the anchor.

Use the anchor if the string starts a disallowed character.

This command also generates a name for the string. In the configuration file, you can specify the characters allowed in names (NameChars).

You can change the literal string length using Array command.

The GUI version allows you to assign a special hotkey to create Unicode strings. To do so, change the value of the StringUnicode parameter in the IDAGUI.CFG file.

Pascal Strings

To create Pascal style strings (with first byte indicating string length) use Set String Style command.

See also Edit submenu

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