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 Action    name: AskBinaryText
This command searches for the specified substring in the file being disassembled. This command can be used for fast lookups of text strings in the executable file or even to find references to a data. You can interrupt it pressing Ctrl-Break.

If a range is selected using anchor, IDA will search for the specified substring in the range.

The substring is specified like this:

        "This is substring to search"
i.e. in the double-quotes. Also you can specify individual byte values as numbers:
        6A 10
Follow this link to learn more about the format of the input string.

For example, if you want to find a reference to the following string:

 35F2:106A      db 'Hello',0
you could search for number 106A in the file.

See also

         the input string format
         search for text command.
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