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IDA maintains cross-references automatically. Of course, when IDA starts to disassemble a new file, the cross-references will not appear immediately; they will be collected during background analysis.

This command changes the representation of cross references.

Display segments in xrefs

        This checkbox enables or disables segments in cross references:
           Enabled:     ; CODE XREF: 3000:1025
           Disabled:    ; CODE XREF: 1025
Display xref type mark
        If this option is disabled, IDA will not display "CODE"
        or "DATA" in the cross-references.
        IDA.CFG parameter: SHOW_XREF_TYPES
Display function offsets
        This option controls the appearance of the cross-reference addresses.
        If it is enabled, the addresses will be displayed as offsets
        from a function beginning. Example:
           Enabled:     somefunc+0x44
           Disabled:    cseg:0x4544
        IDA.CFG parameter: SHOW_XREF_FUNC
Display xref values
        If this option is disabled, IDA will just display the presence
        of cross-references, like this:
                ; CODE XREF: ...
        IDA.CFG parameter: SHOW_XREF_VALUES
Right margin
        Determines the maximal length of a line with the cross references.
        IDA.CFG parameter: MAX_XREF_LENGTH
Cross reference depth
        This value "how many bytes of an object to look at to collect
        cross references". For example we have an array:
                A       db 100 dup(0)
        If some instruction refers to the 5-th element of the array:
                mov     al,A+5
         with TD=3      we'll have no xrefs displayed
         with TD=10     we'll have this xref
        IDA.CFG parameter: MAX_TAIL
Number of xrefs to display
        Determines the maximal number of the cross references to display.
        You may keep this value low because you can access all xrefs by
        using the Jump to cross reference command.
        IDA.CFG parameter: SHOW_XREFS
See also Options submenu.
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